Ronda Netzke

Read here below Ronda's story and watch her video.

Goal: Lose weight and improve heart health
Success: Despite her original thoughts about exercise (she hated it), she now gets to the gym 4-5 times a week with a smile.
Late in 2010, the Heart of New Ulm Project encouraged members of the community to apply to be the next “Face of New Ulm.” In 2011, we will follow the winners who are publicly setting out to improve their lifestyles, root for them to overcome barriers they are sure to face along the way, and celebrate their successes on the road to improved heart health. Ronda is one of the four winners of the casting call.
Last year, Ronda Netzke received a call from The Heart of New Ulm Project’s HeartBeat Connections (HBC) program. HBC is a telephonic coaching program for New Ulm residents at high-risk for having a heart attack. Ronda’s first response upon being contacted was, “I hate to exercise.” However, she made a decision to change her mind and behavior. One of her goals is to get to the gym at least four times a week because she loves how great she feels when she is done with her workouts. Ronda works at New Ulm Medical Center and uses "", a free website to help track the calories she eats and activity she does each day. The website also provides nutrition information and workout ideas to keep Ronda motivated. This year she hopes to continue her exercise routine and increase her daily servings of fruits and vegetables, both for herself and her family.