John Holmquist

Read here below John's story and watch his video.

Goals: Lose weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol
Success: Used to struggle to walk at a normal pace for 20 minutes, but has built up to power walking for 30-40 minutes

Late in 2010, the Heart of New Ulm Project encouraged members of the community to apply to be the next “Face of New Ulm.” In 2011, we will follow the winners who are publicly setting out to improve their lifestyles, root for them to overcome barriers they are sure to face along the way, and celebrate their successes on the road to improved heart health. John is one of the four winners of the casting call.
Prior to 2009, John Holmquist was working 80 hours a week, getting just five hours of sleep each night and was not happy with his “numbers.” His blood pressure, cholesterol and weight were all high. He wanted to be more active, but knew he would have to start slow and build strength and endurance in order to achieve his goals. He decided it was time to make changes in his life. Making time for regular exercise and asking for more vegetables at dinner are paying off for John. He is setting realistic goals. “Start where you are, not where you think you should be,” he suggests to others facing change. At first, he struggled to walk at a “normal pace” for 20 minutes, but he kept trying and gradually built up to power walking for 30-40 minutes comfortably. John continues to work towards his goals of losing weight and improving his cardiovascular risk profile.