Online Resources and Apps

Below are some helpful online resources and phone applications which can be useful in your journey toward heart health. Please note these are only suggestions. You may wish to review several of these resources and then choose those that fit your needs.

Online Resources

Phone Applications

Epicurious' Recipes & Shopping List - recipes and shopping list; great for grocery shopping and cooking.
Myfitnesspal - keep food records, analyze recipes, track weight loss.
Loseit - track calories, carbs, fat, etc. and get motivated to lose weight.
Calorie Tracker - look up and track daily calorie, fat, carbohydrate and protein intake.
Mynetdiary – keep food records and track exercise.
ipump trainer series - full body workouts including strength, cardio, flexibility, sports, yoga, pilates and a lot more.
StepTrackLite – use it as a simple pedometer to measure and track physical activity while strolling, walking or running.

iMapMyRun - utilizes the iPhone's GPS technology for real-time distance, time, pace and speed tracking.

Pret-a-Yoga Lite - the perfect app for yoga beginners who might be threatened by the gym environment, or advanced yogis looking to take their routine on the go.
Heartbeat - use this app to help you manually track your heart beats per minute (bpm) during or after a workout.