Jenny Gieseke

Jenny Gieseke works in a second floor office at Puhlman Lumber in New Ulm. Sometimes she travels up and down 10 or 15 times a day and loves the opportunity for extra steps. In the last year, Gieseke has become a regular at aerobics and changed her snack habits.

Gieseke's secret to success is her calendar. She schedules workouts for herself and puts them in a calendar just as she does with other important commitments. "I have my workouts on my calendar, it's easier to stay motivated," Gieseke said. Having workouts scheduled on the calendar keeps you accountable. Gieseke has also made small changes in her lifestyle to keep snacking to a minimum. Having sugar-free gum and water handy helps keeps her on track.

Gieseke's advice for others starting to add physical activity is to make the time! "It's easy to think I don't have time but when I make the time you see noticeable change in energy, and it helps to have others (like my daughter) who really keep you going," she said. "There's no quick fix to weight loss and keeping a journal of what you get and when you get activity increases your chance for success."

Gieseke also realized that breakfast is an opportunity to help manage her weight. "When I start the day with a healthy, filling breakfast, I have more energy throughout the day," she said. In the National Weight Control Registry, people who successfully lose and keep off weight eat breakfast daily.

"Breakfast fuels the brain," explained Rebecca Fliszar, RD, "children have actually had higher test score results when breakfast was eaten prior to the testing." So getting the entire family into the habit of eating breakfast has more than benefits of helping to manage weight. Cereal, yogurt, granola bars and fruit are good options for breakfast or snacks during a busy day.

In 2009, events such as the Heart of New Ulm Community Summit featuring Bob Harper and Heart of New Ulm Community Education classes helped Gieseke stay focused. She also uses her daughter for inspiration. Her family and friends have been a positive source of support and she is looking forward to an active summer.