J. Janni & G. Freeman

Jocelyn Janni and Garrett Freeman are hardly sedentary people. Both work full-time in physically demanding jobs, volunteer in the community, participate on recreational sports teams and are busy keeping up with friends and family. After attending the Heart of New Ulm heart-health screening last summer, they decided it was time to make some changes to their lifestyle. Both wanted to focus on losing weight through healthy meal choices and physical activity and are off to a great start. "When you're under 30 years old, it seems like there will be plenty of time to make changes before you get old," explained Freeman. "Then I realized now is the time."


As the produce manager at Hy-Vee Foods, Garrett is constantly surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables. Jocelyn works for HSI and is responsible for making sure the four boys she supervises in the group home eat balanced, nutritious meals and get plenty of physical activity. "Learning how to prepare well-rounded meals for the boys has taught me about planning in advance and using one item in two different recipes to save time and money," Janni said.

Garrett and Jocelyn participated in the Heart of New Ulm Jingle Bell Jam, a 4-mile walk/run in December and have been moving ever since. In January, they joined "Double Down," a program for couples or friends to work together and make exercise a habit. They have made their own health a priority and notice increased energy and better sleep habits. Garrett is making great choices by adding fruits and vegetables to his diet and they exercise together regularly to stay motivated.

"I know where the produce comes from, what is in season and how it fits in your budget," said Freeman. "Now it's learning how to prepare them and which I like the best." In addition to inspiring each other, they continue to influence their customers and friends and continue on the road to success.