Tracking and Your Health

Becoming mindful of how much you're eating, how often you're being physically active, what your risk factors for heart disease are, or learning about healthier eating choices are all excellent ways to improve and maintain your health and well-being. Use these resources on your journey to optimal health - get started now using our one-page lifestyle tracking sheet.

Your Hearts Beat Back Lifestyle Score

Discover how healthful your current lifestyle is, and where you could use some improvements.

Tracking Your Fruits and Vegetables

Learn about the importance of fruits and vegetables, how many you should be eating each day, and how to incorporate them as part of a balanced eating plan.

Understanding Your BMI

Calculate your body mass index and learn about how it plays a role in heart disease risk.

Understanding Serving Sizes

Learn about serving sizes and how to prevent overeating, while still eating fulfilling and balanced meals and snacks.

Online Resources and Phone Apps

Explore a collection of reputable resources, tools and apps that can help you meet your health and wellness goals.