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  • Encourage your employer to adopt a healthful foods policy. If food is brought into the facility, can a portion of it be a healthful option?
  • Provide low- or no-sugar options for beverages during meetings.
  • Implement walking meetings at your facility.
  • Create a walking path around your facility to encourage walking during breaks.
  • Start a walking group in your neighborhood or with family and friends.
  • Lead a walking school bus.
  • Lead co-workers on a ride to work.
  • Offer healthful options at sporting or event concessions.


Healthy Eating Tip of the Month

Whole-foods: a smarter strategy to satisfy your hunger

When it comes to satisfying your appetite, most liquid calories just don’t cut it. Enjoying whole foods, in general, is going to help keep you better nourished and keep your appetite in check. The best part — you’re less likely to overeat when you choose whole foods, without even thinking about it!

Liquid calories in just about any form — soda, juice or alcohol for example — are often “forgotten” calories. Typically the calories in these types of drinks leave you less satisfied than calories from actual food, which means they don't really help stave off your hunger cravings for very long.


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