What we do

We exist to create a world without heart disease by ensuring the places people live, learn, work, play and seek healthcare support and promote health.  We work collaboratively to build individual and community capacity to shift values and cultures to support healthful choices and improve population health and sustain it.  We want to help you do it too! 

Whatever stage you are at in the process, our team will deliver a solution that’s accessible, affordable, impactful and sustainable. Whether it’s an assessment of your target audience; strategy, program or product development; or qualitative or quantitative research, we’ll provide you with tailored solutions to meet your needs.  

Our population health services include:   

  • Assessment
  • Communications and Social Marketing
  • Program Development
  • Policy-Based Strategies
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  • Presentations and Trainings  

Our specialty areas include: