FoodWorks Program

Scientists agree that poor nutrition is one of main causes of heart disease and today, New Ulm is a community that does not eat enough fruits/vegetables (one of the most important components of good nutrition). For example, our most recent data indicates that only 17 percent of New Ulm adults report eating at least five servings of fruits/vegetables per day, which is the minimum level needed for optimal health. By comparison, about twice as many adults in Vermont report eating at least five servings of fruits/vegetables per day.
Helping the entire New Ulm community eat more fruits/vegetables is one of our main lifestyle objectives in this project. But today, the food environment is not set up in way that makes healthy foods a natural or easy choice for people. The FoodWorks program involves a series of activities with area residents and food providers, including restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores. As part of this program, we conduct nutrition assessments, provide consulting support, offer staff trainings, hold culinary competitions, and develop marketing materials with one goal in mind: Improve access to low cost, low calorie, nutrient dense foods (such as fruits/vegetables).
If we can accomplish this, New Ulm will serve as a model for the rest of the country where healthy food options are the natural choice, whether it is at work, dining out, on the go, or at your dinner table.
Look for many exciting ways to get involved in all aspects of our FoodWorks Program which include the following:
·           Cooking with inspiration: heart healthy recipes, cooking classes and culinary competitions
·           Eating out with ease: restaurant program
·           Shopping made simple: grocery store and convenience store programs