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People recruited for NU-HOME study
06/07/2021 - New Ulm Journal

New Ulm — Healthy Home Offerings via the Mealtime Environment (NU-HOME) is a research program that will help determine whether preparing family meals together and being active with children before they hit puberty can help the entire family live a healthier lifestyle. 

Lights, Camera, Community Heart Health
12/08/2021 - Health Leaders Media

Building a culture of wellness through focus on specific health measurement pays off, an ongoing project in Minnesota shows. A new documentary film chronicles one rural health system's journey toward a vision for population health with The Heart of New Ulm Project.

New Ulm health project paying off seven years later
11/23/2016 - Star Tribune

The Heart of New Ulm Project proved that a town known for beer and brats could improve its cardiovascular fitness if residents received guidance and support to eat better, exercise more and make better use of medical care. 

Town Talk: Wellness program
10/28/2016 - New Ulm Journal
The City of New Ulm and New Ulm Public Utilities have implemented a wellness program to help reduce health care costs, create a desirable culture, and improve the overall employee experience, based on data received from the Heart of New Ulm’s heart health screenings and employee surveys
Complete Streets designed around people, not cars
10/26/2016 - New Ulm Journal

The New Ulm City Council approved a Complete Streets Policy that was promoted by The Heart of New Ulm Project and the Coalition for Active, Safe and Healthy Streets. Complete Streets are designed to take all street users into account, including pedestrians, bicyclists, people with disabilities, public transit and private vehicles.

Urged to walk
10/04/2022 - New Ulm Journal

Hearts Beat Back: The Heart of New Ulm Project is partnering with New Ulm elementary schools to encourage walking to school.

New Ulm Schools to Celebrate Walk to School Day Oct. 5
09/27/2016 - Mankato Times

On International Walk to School Day, students from New Ulm Middle School, Jefferson Elementary, St. Paul Elementary and St. Anthony Elementary are planning to walk to school along with parents, teachers and community leaders in a “Walking School Bus.” 

Documentary on Heart of New Ulm Previewed at Medical Center
09/24/2016 - New Ulm Journal

The success of The Heart of New Ulm Project is the subject of a 20-minute documentary, which includes testimonials from Chamber President Audra Shaneman, Parks and Recreation Director Tom Schmitz, School District Superintendent Jeff Bertrang and Turner Hall General Manager Virginia Suker Moldan, on efforts to incorporate healthier options for residents at work, in restaurants, in the parks and at school. 

Documentary focuses on New Ulm heart-health project
09/09/2021 - Mankato Free Press

More than three-quarters of the way through the 10-year Heart of New Ulm Project, the impacts have reached into schools, workplaces, doctors' offices, restaurants and more. Statistical results measured after five years ranged from improved cholesterol and blood-pressures, a bump in the number of residents eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables, and a rise in the percentage of folks exercising at least 150 minutes a week.

Sharrows mark the way for bikers in New Ulm, August 30, 2021 - New Ulm Journal
08/30/2016 - The Journal

By the end of the month several streets throughout New Ulm will be painted with new bicycle sharrows, which identify major bike routes through the city and remind drivers to watch for bicyclists. In total 188 sharrows will be painted on New Ulm streets.