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Cooking Show

Episode 105 Alma Marin
Episode 1 Guest Host: Franz Huss
Episode 2 Guest Host: Sara Wilfahrt
Episode 3 Guest Host: Mimi Hendel
Episode 4 Guest Host: Lacey Leuth
Episode 5 Guest Host: Pat Novak
Episode 6 Guest Host: Janice Guldan
Episode 7 Guest Host: Julie Long
Episode 8 Guest Host: Tammy Kieper
Episode 9 Guest Host: George Cottom
Episode 10 Guest Host: Ann Botten
Episode 11 Guest Host: Tracie and Steve Vranich
Episode 12 Guest Host: Ramona Sonnenberg
Episode 13 Guest Host: Lori Wightman and Darren Grove
Episode 14 Guest Host: Schell’s Brewery Firefighters charity chili Cook-off
Episode 15 Guest Host: Sue Schommer
Episode 16 Guest Host: Putting Green
Episode 17 Guest Host: Tim O'Neil
Episode 18 Guest Host: Carmen Wenner
Episode 19 Guest Host: Tina Mackendanz
Episode 20 Guest Host: Betsy Pieser
Episode 21 Guest Host: Pat Novak
Episode 22 Guest Host: Rita Dorn
Episode 23 Guest Host: Leah Peck
Episode 24 Guest Host: Emma and Maggie Fliszar
Episode 25 Guest Host: Mimi Hendel
Episode 26 Guest Host: Amy Furth
Episode 27 Guest Host: Tim O'Neil
Episode 28 Guest Host: Kate Callahan Schmitz
Episode 29 Guest Host: Joe Steck
Episode 30 Guest Host: Pongsri Dempsey
Episode 31 Guest Host: Karen Moritz
Episode 32 Guest Host: Judy Sellner
Episode 33 Guest Host: Scott Ward
Episode 34 Guest Host: Lynn Martinka
Episode 35 Guest Host: Carol Laitinan
Episode 36 Guest Host: Jeff Van Wormer
Episode 37 Guest Host: Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 38 Christine and Becky Hosna
Episode 39 Guest Host: DeAnna Fenske
Episode 40 Chef Charlie Torgerson
Episode 41 Tim O'Neil
Episode 42 Karen O'Neil
  • Homemade Canned Salsa
Episode 43 Tammy Kieper
Episode 44 Rhonda Netzke
Episode 45 Matt Ringhofer
Episode 46 Karen Branch
Episode 47 Jim and Sam Glaubitz
Episode 48 Shannon McKeith
Episode 49 George Cottom
Episode 50 Matt Anderson
  • Heart Healthy Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms
Episode 51 Angie Pidde
Episode 52 Missy Dreckman
Episode 53 Charlene Dannheim
Episode 54 Leah Peck
Episode 55 Anna Laitinen
Episode 56 Tammy Kieper
Episode 57 Marcie Flygare
Episode 58 Lori Burkhart
Episode 59 Gautam Sarkar
Episode 60
Episode 61 Kelly Stanke
Episode 62 DeAnna Fenske
Episode 63 Wyatt Gag
Episode 64 Mimi Hendel
Episode 65 John Holmquist and Alma Marin
Episode 66 Catherine Bushard
Episode 67 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 68 Catherine Bushard
Episode 69 Rebecca Fliszar & Hannah Weiland
Episode 70 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 71 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 72 Michelle Freiderich
Episode 73 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 74 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 75 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 76 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 77 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 78 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 79 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 80 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 81 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 82 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 83 Rebecca Fliszar and Pongsri Dempsey
Episode 84 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 85 Rebecca Fliszar and John Knisley
Episode 86 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 87 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 88 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 89 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 90 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 91 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 93 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 94 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 95 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 96 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 97 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 98 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 99 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 100 Rebecca Fliszar
Episode 101 Rebecca Werner
Episode 102 Rebecca Werner/Tim O'Neil
Episode 103 Rebecca Werner/Amanda Masse
Episode 104 Rebecca Werner/Mike McAlpine
  • Apple Waldorf shrimp salad
Episode 106 Mimi Hendel
  • Chicken & Fruit Salad
Episode 107 Mike McAlpine
  • Turkey Meatloaf and brussel sprouts
Episode 108 Dave Werner
  • Turkey Chili
Episode 109 Sue Wieland
Episode 110 Rebecca Werner
Episode 111 Rebecca Werner
Episode 112 Rebecca Werner
Episode 113 Teri Anderson & Amanda Masse
  • Valley Veggies Tour of Garden
Episode 114 Malcolm MacDonald
Episode 115 Adam Weinzetl
Episode 116 Dave Werner