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The Heart of New Ulm Project

The award-winning Hearts Beat Back: The Heart of New Ulm Project is a collaborative partnership of the New Ulm community, the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation and New Ulm Medical Center (part of Allina Health). The entire community is working toward a common vision — to support a culture of wellness in the community and help people make health the easy choice where they live, learn, work and play

Through activities, education, policies and environmental changes, people who live or work in New Ulm are supported in their efforts to get more physically active, eat more fruits and vegetables, lose weight, quit smoking, manage stress and make other healthful lifestyle choices. Efforts involve the entire community — from health care organizations, providers and individuals, to worksites, faith-based organizations, public health, local government, and civic groups and organizations.


The project began in 2009 as a population-based prevention research project to apply evidence-informed health improvement practices in the community, health care, worksites and the environment to reduce the number of heart attacks. Since the project’s inception, the goal has been not only to help improve the community’s health, but also to rigorously measure and report outcomes and develop leadership approaches that have the potential to be successfully replicated.

Community members have made healthful lifestyle changes as well as significant improvements in biometric measurements. Throughout the community — from restaurants and grocery stores to worksites,  schools and homes — people who live or work in New Ulm pride themselves on how their culture has transformed. Along with an impressive level of engagement across all segments of the community, the design and results of the project have captured the attention of health care thought leaders on both a regional and national level.

The project is changing the way health care — especially  preventive care — is viewed and delivered across the country.

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If you live or work in New Ulm and have questions, comments or ideas about heart-healthy initiatives in the community — or want to know how you can get involved in making New Ulm a healthier place to live, learn, work and play — please contact us.

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The Heart of New Ulm Project Community Leadership Team

Since launching in 2009, Hearts Beat Back: The Heart of New Ulm Project has been guided by a team of community leaders representing various sectors. The project currently has a 12-member Leadership Team, whose clear vision for the future of New Ulm, creative ideas, vast knowledge, keen insights, network of connections and passion for the community are invaluable. All play a critical role in helping the project continue on its successful path toward sustaining a culture of health and well-being in New Ulm.

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