Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 1/2

Servings Per Recipe 6

Amount Per Serving
Calories 325
Total Fat 6
  Saturated Fat 3
  Monounsaturated Fat 3
  Polyunsaturated Fat
Total Carbohydrate 45
  Dietary Fiber 3.1
Protein 21
Sodium 425

Yaki Soba


½ cup cooking wine
¼ cup corn starch
3 boneless pork chops, cubed
2 Tbsp olive oil,
1 head of cabbage, chopped finely
4 large carrots, diced
1 Tbsp fresh thyme
1 Tbsp fresh chives
3 cup cholesterol free egg noodles, cooked
2 tsp low sodium soy sauce
2 tsp Worcestershire sauce


1.      Marinate cubed pork in cooking wine and minced garlic for approximately 2 hours. Remove pork from marinade and coat in corn starch.

2.      Heat olive oil in large saucepan, slowly add pork.

3.      When pork is browned, add cabbage, carrots, thyme and chives into saucepan. Cook down until cabbage and carrots are tender.

4.      Add egg noodles, continue to cook it until egg noodles are golden brown. Continuously stir dish to keep from burning.

5.      Remove saucepan from heat, add soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce; mix well.

Yield: 6 servings.