Hearts Beat Back:® The Heart of New Ulm Project Logo Licensing

Logo Licensing

Hearts Beat Back:The Heart of New Ulm Project (HONU) is a community-based project designed to reduce the number of heart attacks that occur in the New Ulm area. Since 2009, people who live or work in New Ulm have been working hard to improve their health risks by being more physically active, making healthier food choices, managing their weight, quitting tobacco use, managing their stress and more. 

Improving the health of our entire community takes all of us pulling together to create and sustain change — worksites, local government, health care, faith-based organizations, civic groups and public health. That’s why we invite your organization to show its support for the HONU mission and vision of “Supporting a Culture of Wellness” by applying to use our Logo. Our Logo, depicted at the top of this page, is a trademark owned by the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation and referred to hereafter as the “Logo.”

You may apply to use the HONU Logo to promote a program, event, class, policy, system change or environmental change that aligns with the vision of the Heart of New Ulm Project.  We are eager to share the HONU Logo with all groups, organizations and businesses in New Ulm that are interested in partnering with the HONU Project Leadership Team to create and support a culture of health.

If you are interested in showing your support for us and using the HONU Logo to demonstrate our shared vision, we ask you to complete a simple application process. The process will allow us to learn about your initiative and confirm that it aligns with the HONU Project.

General Logo Licensing Guidelines

Read the General Licensing Guidelines BEFORE you apply to ensure that you, your organization or group are able to comply with all guidelines for using the HONU logo. If you have any questions about the guidelines prior to applying, please email us.

Benefits for Your Organization

Organizations and groups who decide to use the HONU Logo in their materials can benefit from their audience’s high recognition of the HONU brand and its association with reputable, quality initiatives that support heart healthful behaviors. Where applicable, you will also benefit from HONU’s promotion of your event, program, service or policy on our project’s website (heartsbeatback.org).


Email Questions: Please allow 7 business days to receive a reply to any emails regarding eligibility criteria, the application process or compliance. 

Application: Once you have submitted your application, please allow 10 business days for final written approval to use the HONU logo in your materials. Once you receive your approval letter and the logo files, you may begin using the logo immediately for the purposes described in your approved application.

Healthful Lifestyle Behaviors

As HONU aims at preventing heart attacks, it focuses on promoting the modifiable healthful lifestyle behaviors associated with the prevention of heart attacks, such as:

  • Healthful eating
  • Physical activity
  • Weight management
  • Blood pressure management
  • Cholesterol management
  • Blood glucose management
  • Stress management
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Limiting or avoiding alcohol beverages

Contact us if you have questions

By phone: 507-217-5945

By email: HONUlogo@heartsbeatback.org 


Logo Licensing Process

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Once your application is approved, you will receive the following documents by email:

a. An approval letter confirming that your initiative aligns with HONU and granting you approval to use the HONU logo

b. A Logo Use Standards for Supporting Organizations document, which includes a Logo Use Checklist to help you comply with the guidelines set forth in the Standards document

c. Electronic logo files in various formats 

If for some reason we do not approve your application, we will let you know why and be happy to work with you on any changes that would make you eligible!

3. Implement and use the logo as approved!

Please contact us with any questions at 507-217-5945 or via email at HONUlogo@heartsbeatback.org.

Hearts Beat Back® is a registered trademark of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. 

Application Process

1.    Read the General Licensing Guidelines before you apply to ensure that you, your organization or group are able to comply with all guidelines for using the HONU logo. If you have any questions about the guidelines prior to applying, please email us. 

2.    Review the application timeline to ensure you have allowed enough time for the approval process.

3.     Double-check our HONU Logo Use Checklist to ensure you are able to comply with our standards regarding logo usage.

4.    Gather all the information needed to fill out the application form. 

5.     Fill out the online application form and submit. Logo approval is granted for the specific uses described in your application and is nontransferable to other uses. For additional use beyond the scope described in your initial application, please submit another application. 

Application form

Applications will only be accepted online via the form linked below. You may wish to print a copy of the registration form for reference as you gather the necessary application information.