Local CSA Farms

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a farming concept that started in Switzerland and Japan in the 1960s and has become increasingly popular in the United States. A CSA is a partnership between a farm and community members, who share in the risks and benefits of the farm’s food production. For more information on CSA vist: Community Supported Agriculture


Below is a list of CSA farms in the New Ulm area: 

August Earth -Katy Hemberger, 11792 195th Ave., Hanska, MN  56041-4229; (651) 239-6057; www.augustearth.com. ([email protected]) Wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Check out our website for the wide variety.  
Windjammer Farm - Dennis and Cherry Jeske, 15405 State Hwy. 15, Hanska, MN 56041; (507) 359-4140; [email protected]. Free-range chicken, turkey and eggs. No antibiotics or hormones are used. Also seasonal veggies, fruit and garlic that is sustainably grown.  
Le Sueur
Back 40 Acres - Ed and Desire Hohenstein, 32865 401st Ave., Le Sueur, MN 56058; (507) 317-0314; www.back40acres.com. ([email protected]) Assortment of vegetables and baked goods; no chemicals or fertilizers are used.  
Madelia And New Ulm
Alternative Roots Farm - Brooke and John Knisley, 11197 130th St., Madelia, MN 56062; (507) 439-6541; www.alternativerootsfarm.blogspot.com/ (alternativeroots[email protected]). Offering CSA and Farm Shares with diversified vegetables and fruit, including apples. All produce grown using organic methods, in transition to organic certification. Exceptional heirloom produce, grown sustainably. Also at the Saturday Farmers' Market in New Ulm.
New Ulm
Guldan Family Farm - Denny Guldan, 46198 561st Ave., New Ulm, MN 56073; (507) 359-2543;
www.guldanfamilyfarm.com/our_csa.html ([email protected]). Mouth-watering berries, juicy melons and nearly every type of vegetable available to grow in Minnesota.   
Little Rock Creek Farm - Nicki Dummer, 37058 667th Ave., New Ulm, MN 56073; (507) 276-7868; littlerockcreekfarm.blogspot.com ([email protected]). Ample variety of vegetable, fruits, pumpkins, gourds, maple syrup, indian corn and homemade beauty products! No chemicals are used and we apply our own hog manure as fertilizer.

To read more about CSA in the New Ulm area please vist: CSA in New Ulm

For a full list of all farms in the New Ulm area please vist: Farms in New Ulm Area



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