Evaluate Your Productivity

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Evaluate Your Productivity

The healthier a person is, the more productive he or she is likely to be at their job. Health problems can cause people to miss work or to underperform when they are at work.

In this section, you can see, based on your HONU Score, the estimated percentage in productivity you may lose at your job every year. This estimate is based on the data from all working New Ulm residents who participated in a community screening in 2009.

“Workplace productivity loss is the overall percentage of time in the work year that is lost due to health problems (that result in people calling in absent or underperforming while at work).”

Since your HONU Score is TOTAL, your loss of productivity is %. The higher your HONU score, the less productivity you lose each year. You can improve your productivity by making healthy lifestyle choices that help improve your score. Check the section "Improve or Maintain Your Score" for tips and resources to help.