Why Track Those Tiny Bites?

By Holly Glaubitz, health educator


Consider these nine bites in a typical day:  


Bite 1: 1/4 cup orange juice remains in the carton. "I might as well finish it." | 26 calories (orange juice)


Bite 2: Two tablespoons of granola are left in the box. It's hardly worth putting back in the cupboard. "I'll just top off my cereal bowl."  | 64 calories (granola)


Bite 3: "Whoa, that coffee is really strong today. A couple teaspoons of creamer should help." | 20 calories (creamer)


Bite 4: How nice, someone brought cake today. "Better just try a sample...well maybe an extra sliver would be OK, too." | 73 calories (cake)


Bite 5: "Oops, forgot to ask them to leave the mayo off my burger at lunch. It's too messy to scrape off..."  | 100 calories (mayo)


Bite 6: "I forgot to ask them to leave off the onion, too. Nothing a couple mints won't cure." | 20 calories (mints)


Bite 7: "That report has to be completed this afternoon. One of those small chocolates from Joan's candy jar ought to help boost my energy level." | 25 calories (candy)


Bite 8: Work is done and the gang is going to happy hour. "A small beer and a handful of snack mix isn't the end of the world."| 200 calories (beer/snacks)


Bite 9: There is a cheese and crackers display at the grocery store. "It's just a sample and besides, I don't want to buy it if I don't like it."  | 55 calories (cheese)


Total: 583 calories!


Tracking everything you eat and drink helps you see where you are getting those extra tiny bites. Reducing them here and there and avoiding an extra 500 calories a day can add up to a pound lost each week!