We asked our Heart of New Ulm team to share time-saving tips that they personally practice around healthy eating and activity. Try one today!  

Staying active:


"I schedule my workouts during the kids' activity practices. Instead of driving back home and waiting for practice to end, I either go for a run near the park, or go to the gym."

- Rebecca Fliszar, project dietitian


"I keep several bags packed in advance for the gym each week, so that I can simply grab one as I head out the door to work and don't have to worry about finding clean workout clothes."

- Raquel Pereira, project manager


"I exercise early in the morning before the demands of the day start eating away at all of my good intentions. I've learned over the years that if I put it off until later in the day, I don't get it done. Since I've started exercising first thing in the morning, I am much more consistent in exercising on a regular basis."

- Cindy Winters, programs/policy specialist


"I put it in my planner. I look at my week's schedule and make the time in an open slot and write it in. I wouldn't skip a meeting on my calendar. I give my workout the same priority."

- Holly Glaubitz, health educator


"I keep an extra pair of workout shoes in my car at all times.  I never know where I may be when a Zumba class happens!"

- Kate Schmitz, health coach


Eating well:


"I keep fresh vegetables already prepared and right in front as I open the refrigerator. This way they are ready for our family to add to any meal or for a quick snack."

- Theresa Bunkers-Lawson, health coach


"I always make a list to take to the grocery store. I have a blank grocery list with the categories listed in the order I go through the store, such as produce, deli, meats, bread, ethnic foods, canned goods, cereals, baking items, milk and so on. I place the list on the refrigerator so my family and I can add items to the list as they run out."

- Joy Hayes, health coach


"I pre-plan a week's menu so I can get all the ingredients in one stop. I try to prepare a meal the night before or in the morning, so that I don't feel rushed after work and wonder, 'What can I make today?' Even glancing at school or senior care menus that are posted in the newspaper help give me variety ideas."

- Shawn R Hildebrandt, administrative assistant


"Get your kids involved in the kitchen! Dinner preparations go more quickly with more hands on deck. I ask my four kids to chop vegetables, cut up fruit or toss the salad. It's also a fun time to chat about our days. Plus, they're more likely to try foods they help prepare, too!"

- Rebecca Lindberg, project manager