Success Story

Sue Hogen

Keep track of everything you put in your mouth

“Reading labels for fat and other nutritional information is really important for me. I pay attention to BLT — bites, licks and tastes. You’ve got to keep track of everything you put in your mouth, as it adds up!”

-- Sue Hogen, New Ulm

Now that she’s lost 40 pounds and kept it off, Sue says she feels “so much better.” It’s what keeps her motivated to make good food choices. She started small, by just losing 5 percent of her body weight, and built off that success. Today, her knees no longer hurt, her body doesn’t get so stiff on car trips, her cholesterol has improved, and she’s able to wear clothes from her closet that didn’t fit before. She walks the front nine on the golf course, which she could never do before, and did her first 5K in 2010. Along with walking five times a week and working out at Vogel, she’s got the recipe for success! Way to SWAP IT, Sue!