Success Story

Pat Novak

Making good choices when I'm on the road


“Making good choices when I’m on the road traveling for work is critical. It’s a double-edged sword for a diabetic who needs to eat, as you have to choose the right things for your blood sugar level. I make sure I have what I need on hand to prevent a low blood sugar moment, like fruit, a granola bar and water.”
— Pat Novak, New Ulm
After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes several years ago, Pat says it was a wake-up call. Since then, he’s lost about 30 pounds and his diabetes is well controlled. Planning is a key factor in his success at making good food choices, which include closely monitoring the amount and type of carbohydrates he eats and eating lots of whole grains. Pat loves to cook and he and his wife regularly plan their meals and grocery shopping for the week. They grill a lot, enjoy trying new things, monitor their portions and often have two vegetables at dinner instead of a starch. Way to SWAP IT, Pat!