Success Story

Lynette Holm

Convenience is key

“You need to have healthy foods that are convenient wherever you are. I really do like fruits and vegetables and you don’t have to dress them up, so that makes them one of the easiest things to have handy in the fridge at work and home.”
— Lynette Holm, New Ulm

For Lynette, who lost 35 pounds back in 2008 and has kept them off, having healthy, convenient foods is key to her success. In the cafeteria at work, she used to eat rolls and cookies; now she buys 100-calorie packages of almonds or walnuts or brings cut-up watermelon, carrots or celery to snack on instead.

Her advice to others is to always eat mindfully and be accountable to yourself. She says, “I really think about it before I eat and don’t just grab something. I don’t diet. I eat what I want, but I decide what that is.”

She also tracks her weight, exercise and daily calories. She likes how she feels and looks and says that keeps her motivated to maintain. Way to SWAP IT, Lynette!