Success Story

John Gag

Making better food choices

“I used to not think twice about having two or three doughnuts at work; now I’m much better about having good, healthy food nearby. I’m making positive changes for my long-term health.” -- John Gag, New Ulm John’s been active his entire life and always worked hard to stay in shape. He was never really concerned about what he ate because he didn’t have a weight issue. Now in his 40s, his reasons for staying healthy are clear. “What motivates me is staying longer on this planet and being here for my five kids.” By making better food choices, he’s decreased his body fat percentage and is feeling great. He eats small, healthy meals throughout the day and sets a good example for the kids by always having lots of fresh fruit around the house as snacks. “If people just knew how good it feels when you reach your goal, they’d be motivated to make the changes!” Way to SWAP IT, John!