How to Stay Stress Free Through the School Year

Summer vacations are done and school is back in session. While it can be nice to get back into a routine, shuttling your kids to their different activities and managing homework can add a little stress to your life. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your stress this school year.

1. Make time to be physically active. Being physically active is a great way to handle everyday stress. Make time in your schedule for 30 minutes of physical activity most days of the week. Taking good care of yourself will help you take good care of your family.

2. Use a calendar. Put all of your activities and homework deadlines on a family calendar. Put the calendar where everyone in the family can see it daily. Writing down activities and deadlines can help the whole family stay organized and avoid becoming overwhelmed. Any calendar will do; however, there are calendars designed specifically for families such as “The Busy Mom’s Family Calendar.” Each family member has their own column in the calendar. Click here to see more details about the calendar.

3. Plan ahead. Check your calendar to see what days of the week are the busiest. Plan your meals ahead of time and make extra dishes or servings on the days you have more time (freezing entrees is a great option). Taking a bit more time to plan ahead can help you put a hot, heart healthy meal on the table even during your busiest days. Click here for some heart friendly recipes.

4. Get enough sleep. It is important for you and your kids to get a good night’s sleep. The average American adult should get a minimum of six hours a night. Children need even more. Getting enough sleep is a great stress management technique. If your kids have a bedtime, so should you. Click here to read more information about how much sleep your child should be getting.


Putting these stress management techniques into play will definitely help you and your kids make the grade this school year.