Benefits of Breakfast


Mom always said "eat your breakfast." Well, turns out she was right. Studies have shown that breakfast eaters tend to eat healthier overall compared to people who skip breakfast. They eat less fat and cholesterol and more fiber throughout the day which not only keeps their heart healthier, but has many other health benefits too.

Eating breakfast fuels your body's cells and brain after fasting overnight, providing you with more energy to be active and concentrate throughout the day. In fact, kids who eat breakfast perform better on tests than kids who do not eat breakfast.

Need another reason to eat breakfast? It may help you lose weight—and keep it off. The National Weight Control Registry, which tracks people who have successfully lost at least 30 pounds and kept it off for five years or more, shows breakfast is a key factor in over 90 percent of the participants' success. 

A healthy breakfast can be quick and simple. Enjoy a bowl of oatmeal prepared with low-fat milk and topped with fresh berries or a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana. If you don't like breakfast foods, that's okay. You can make a nutritious sandwich with lean turkey, low-fat cheese, tomato and lettuce. The key is making breakfast part of your daily routine.