This is a place for Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation employees to share their wellness passions with one another and the communities we serve. Each blog focuses on a topic of wellness: social, career, financial, physical or community.

Being BOLD in the Community

By Derek Hersch, Population Health

In the fall of 2014 I was looking for volunteer opportunities and came across Bolder Options – an organization that promotes youth development through wellness-focused mentoring, provides workout clothes, running shoes and bikes for mentees, and organizes many fun events around the Twin Cities. As you may already know, I’m kind of passionate about healthy living, so it seemed like a perfect fit. Within a few weeks I was matched with Isaac and we began our yearlong adventure.

Get Fit Quick With Tabata

By Jenny Floria, Development 

As I entered mid-life, fitness became more important to me. I wanted to retain the same level of activity I had in my 20’s and 30’s but found being active more challenging. My joints were beginning to creak, my weight slowly creeping up, and I had a hard time keeping up with my two growing girls. What was keeping me from exercising? Time and money, I told myself, the two most common excuses reasons why Americans don’t exercise. I discovered Tabata, and it has changed my (mid)life.

Finding Career Wellbeing

By Laura Onstot, RN, Preventative Cardiology 

I vividly remember sitting on cold concrete floor with my back against an ugly tan locker, sobbing. My shift ended with one of my patients coding, one returning from a test unresponsive, and a third on the call light every five minutes, all day long. In that moment of rock bottom, it finally hit me: I needed to switch jobs. 

Healthy Gardening Anywhere

By Joy Hayes, RD, Population Health

Spring’s the time to put out your “green thumb” and hitch a ride to a harvest of nutrient-packed produce. It’s time to study seed catalogs, plan your garden, start your seeds, and stop by your local garden center for inspiration. No matter how green your thumb is, or not, gardening can be part of a healthy lifestyle...

Go on a Money Diet to Improve Heart Health

 You’ve probably gone on a diet to lose weight, but have you ever gone on a money diet? Money is by far the leading cause of stress, and chronic stress can contribute to poor health outcomes, including heart disease! To address this area of wellness, I decided to take challenge to become more aware of how I was spending my money. I’m a frugal person by nature, so I wasn’t expecting a money diet to help me save much. But I was wrong!

Embracing Winter

By Betty Jo Haggerty, Compliance and Risk Management

Let’s face it: winter in Minnesota can be long! The cold weather and lack of sun takes its toll on me, both physically and psychologically. I realized a few years ago that it was my responsibility to fight my own winter blues, and so I turned to the place I often go to relieve stress: the outdoors.